Sayali Horambe  is an artist based out of Mumbai, India.
She started drawing at very young age with guidance of her uncle and grew up watching Disney which influenced her art in many ways. In 6th grade she felt  inspired by Walt Disney  and till today he is the role model.

As she grew older, she graduated with degree in animation . and in 2015 she got introduce to world of the stippling art . made 1st art of “Benedict Cumberbatch “ and  after that she never stopped. with the rush of day job at creative agency, she kept doing stippling art and over the years  participated in many exhibitions as an artist  ,which was turning point  for her  in the venture and officially gave it the name ”Sayali’s Art “ in 2018. With experience and guidance from her mentors now she has finally got together a range she can call her own.

Our products are unique, made with attention and tiniest details. We have variety of handmade premium products on our store. We pay extra attention to inspect the product before shipping it to you.

We Hope you enjoy our unique store .if you would like to contact us for an enquiry, suggestions or just to say hello, head over to the contact page, or drop us a line at hello@sayalihorambe.com

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