Bollywood Lyrical Calendar 2020


Bollywood Lyrical Calendar 2020

Songs are gateway of emotions, whatever we feel we always find a song which relates…then it may be love, freedom, hope or any other emotion.

Bollywood has produced so many beautiful songs till date, when we hear those songs we still feel that era…

In this calendar we have tried to cover 12 songs from different eras ,songs such as “Kahin dur jab din dhal jaae” from Aanad , “Yun hi chala chal raahi” from Swadesh ,”Safarnama “from Tamasha and many more with unique illustrations.

We are sure this calendar will twill make you feel the vibe. Each month in the calendar carefully designed according to seasons and the things we usually do in that month.


This calendar includes:
– 12 beautiful Bollywood lyrical illustration
– Dates & days
– Handmade wooden stand

We’re giving away 1 free A5 size notebook/ jotebook with this order, for pre-orders only (ending 25th November

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