What is stippling art? And what makes it so unique?
The stippling art is the method of creating entire art piece with the tiny handmade ink dots. As every dat is placed carefully, the artwork made under this method is the result of patience ,constant focus and dedication.It takes minimum 50 hours to finish one A4 size art. According to this number, artist has to spend about 6 to 100 hours on each piece depending on size and complexity.
I live outside of India, so do you ship internationally?
Please write to us at hello@sayalihorambe.com , let us know what you would like to purchase and the shipping address .We will write back to you.
Do you do customized products?
Yes , if the quantity is large enough. Please write us at hello@sayalihorambe.com and we could definitely make something customized  for you.
How long my order will take to reach ?
Ideally it should take within 6 to 7 working days to reach you
I have received a damaged product, what should I do?
We are so sorry to hear this. Please write to us  at hello@asayalihorambe.com with images of the damaged product within 24 hours of receiving the order. We will check and have the product replaced.
can I cancel the order I placed?
We are so sorry, but we don’t accept cancellations. We hope you will love the product and won’t regret the decision.
can I stock your products on my store ?
Yes sure! Write to us as hello@sayalihorambe.com we will get back to you.
I want bulk order, can I get it on discount ?
Yes! Drop a mail at hello@sayalihorambe.com , let us know about your order, we’ll get back to you!
The product I want is out of stock !
Mostly products on our site are hand made and only one in  stock . We will make sure its back on store  soon ,you could drop us an email about your enquiry, we will notify you as soon as it’s available!
Is your website secure?
Yes, our website is secure. When we ask you for your address, phone number or credit/debit card information, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt the communication.
Does Sayali's Art store my information?
Sayali’s Art only stores information that is uploaded by you during the registration process, along with shared comments, conversations and interactions with other members on the website. No information such as credit / debit card details or online back account information, etc., is stored in our database. These details are directly entered by you into the bank payment gateways, which are 100 percent secure. We do not handle this sensitive data or store it.